Cornwall 2010

W is for Week 3 of the summer holidays...

Blog photo W is for

WINDSCREENS - the saga of my Beetles dodgy windscreen wipers, a new wiper motor and an unexpected cracked windscreen (the windscreen has now been replaced by the garage under their insurance).

WET DAY - We were supposed to go to the beach with friends on Tusday, but it rained and as my car was still away at the garage we stayed indoors. The boys wanted to watch a Star Wars DVD, I made them popcorn and they pulled down the blinds to make the lounge dark like a cinema. They had a great time and I got some bonus scrapping time!

WATER & SANDY TOES - Wednesday we headed to the beach and this time had sunshine, mostly. The kids played on the beach and in the water with their friends and I drank coffee and chatted with my friends (the Mum's, both also called Jo) by the beach hut. Jeff and Paul (Jo D's husband) even made it down at lunchtime for a bacon buttie!


WEMBLEY - Sunday night we decided to book tickets to see England play football against Hungary at Wembley Stadium. So Wednesday afternoon after the beach and after Jeff got home from work we headed up to London, which took much longer than anticipated. Instead of a spare hour to walk around the stadium and soak up the atmosphere we got to our seats just as they kicked off. We'd also been unable to find a carpark and had to park along a road, which we could only do for 2 hours max. This meant Jeff had to miss the second half to go back to the car so that we didn't get clamped (he also couldn't get back into the stadium once he left). Poor Jeff, really felt for him having to miss the second half and especially having to miss the boys reaction to England scoring and winning the match. Callum was beside himself with excitement as his favourite footballer Steven Gerrard scored both the goals.

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WELCOMING OUR FRIENDS FROM LONDON - OK, couldn't think of a better W word for thursday. Our friend Laura and her son Zack came down from London on the train for the day. We met Jeff for lunch at the gorgeous cafe at Haskins Garden Centre, had a quick look around Hobbycraft and then went back home. Zack loved playing in the playhouse, the boys loved playing with Laura and Laura loved playing with my DSLR camera.

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'WELL COOL' TREEHOUSE - OK, another weak link, but the boys are always saying "oh cool", "way cool" and "well cool". At the beginning of the school holiday my Dad began to make a treehouse for the boys in his garden. Last week whilst we were on holiday he added walls and a roof. Friday was the first chance to see it's progress. The boys thought it was amazing. I think my Dad is amazing. This weekend I bought some camouflage material and some netting to hang at the windows (on removable poles) so they can pretend it's a hideout - have to admit I'm quite excited to get sewing!

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WOBBLY TOOTH - Matthew has had a really wobbly tooth for a couple of days and finally, just before dinner tonight it came out - yeah! It's the 7th tooth he's lost. It's now inside a little box tucked into a cushion on his bed with a note written by Matthew politely asking the Tooth Fairy to leave him his tooth. I wonder if she'll pay him a visit tonight?

WOO HOO - I've made some scrapbook layouts! Over the last few days I have made 3 layouts and finished 3 more (2 of which I made back in 2008, but hadn't done the journaling - how bad is that?). Unfortunately I forgot to photograph them before it got dark, so I will update this tomorrow with photos.

What letter sums up your past week?