A is for ...

If you are a regular here you'll know that lego is big in this house. What you might not know is that Matthew's Home Learning often features a lego model or two per topic each half-term. This half-term the topic is 'Changing Verwood' - how our town has changed over the years. Now, add a boy with a love of... Read more →

WINDSCREENS - the saga of my Beetles dodgy windscreen wipers, a new wiper motor and an unexpected cracked windscreen (the windscreen has now been replaced by the garage under their insurance). WET DAY - We were supposed to go to the beach with friends on Tusday, but it rained and as my car was still away at the garage we... Read more →

Robot day has arrived and Matthew's C-3PO costume is finished. I managed to finish the costume before Matthew went to bed last night, but not an awful lot more has been achieved on my part. I had so many great plans for this week, like making Valentines Day cards and a mini-book for Jeff (well probably more for me!), getting... Read more →

As in my scrapbook album Me - The Abridged Version which I started last September. Coincidentally the same time that I discovered Twilight, so it's no wonder I didn't get it finished within the month. It's been put to one side for a while, whilst I got on with other scrapbook projects; Yesterday Today album and my December Daily and... Read more →