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Christmas 2010


Christmas this year came and went so quickly, it all feels a bit of a blur. My grand intentions of keeping up with my december daily project, making sure I got the photos I wanted and to soak it all in seems to have gone by the wayside. I guess there's always next year!

Christmas 2010 will however by remembered for

  • the year Harry Potter landed in our house. Even today Callum has been 'flying' around on a broomstick which he made himself from a cardboard wrapping paper tube and strips of paper.
  • the year Lego and Star Wars was still a favourite with the boys.
  • the year Jeff's family flew over to spend Christmas with us.
  • the year two new little babies arrived in the family.
  • the year sickness again struck in December.
  • the year we got three loads of snow and the boys got an early Christmas present to open, a sledge.
  • the year the boys did what Santa told them and stayed in bed until 8:30 on Christmas morning. Yep, I can highly recommend Santa in Ringwood, worked last year too.

 9 photo christmas 2010 collage-web

And seeing as it's New Years Eve as I write this, I wish you all a very Happy New Year.