I got it!
A good week

Buses, trains and boats.

Jobs it would appear are like buses to me at present, you wait for ages for one and then two come along at once. A week after I started working as a Barista for Costa Coffee I received a letter inviting me for an interview for another job which I had applied for. I really didn't know whether I should go to the interview seeing as I had already accepted and begun a new job, it felt like I was cheating behind their backs. However, I was reminded that it was my future that mattered and I should at least go to the interview. So monday I headed to my interview and came out feeling it had gone well. Later that afternoon I received a phone call and was asked if I was sitting down - they wanted to offer me the job! I accepted it and then began to dread breaking the news to my 'other' boss that I was handing in my notice. But I did that today and she took it really well - phew, so glad it's done, I shall be able to sleep tonight. So it's 'all change' (that's the train connection) AND my new job ... a school photographer for the UK's leading school photography company Tempest Photography - woo hoo! Tomorrrow I am going out with a colleague to get an insight into photographing school classes and in a couple of weeks time I'll be going on a 5 day training course in Cornwall. Wow, I feel very grown up and professional. I have a career ahead of me now. Can't wait to get started and get my hands on all the kit.

And the 'boat' reference? Well also after starting my first job and before hearing about the interview for my second job we went to Center Parcs in Longleat for a little break. Yep, it been a busy month! We had a nice time taking it easy, well apart from the walking, swimming, badminton, tennis, bowling, golfing and kayaking (ah - there's the boat reference!).

P1090346-web P1090367-web 
P1090356-web P1090313-web 
P1090342-web P1090303-web

Oops, you didn't spot those naughty pancakes did you? Well who could resist! We had a lovely setting for our villa with a pond out the back and some little visitors popping by...


If you look closely at the photo above you can see a deer behind the tree, a rabbit on the path and a grey (blurry) squirrel hopping towards our patio. Ahh - got to love nature.

OK that's you all updated. I promise not to get any more jobs, I'm sticking with this one now!