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Week in the Life - the complete album

Good Times


5 o'clock on Saturday and it was Pimms o'clock! 


Had a fantastic time with my friends Susanne and Sara in Surrey, no kids, lots of catching up and 2 1/2 jugs of Pims before we headed out for the evening.


We had a drink in one of the pubs Jeff and I used to frequent when we lived up there, before the kids. Then we headed to an Indian restaurant called The Mogul (Jeff and I used to get take away's from there). Having eaten far too much we went back to Sara's and stayed up into the small hours singing on the Wii! Such a laugh.


The next morning we had a nice long lie-in followed by a lovely leisurely breakfast out on the patio, complete with gossip magazines. The weather for the whole weekend was glorious; blue skies and temperatures in the high twenties. So after breakfast we sat in the garden reading magazines and enjoying the sunshine. Also got to catch up with another of our other friends, tracey who wasn't able to make the evening out. And after 25 hours away I was back home again!


Monday night Jeff and I went to see Justin Currie (Del Amitri) play in Southampton. He was brilliant, playing lots of Del's songs like 'Be my downfall', 'Always the last to know', 'Driving with the brakes on' and 'Here and now'. He also played lots of songs from his new solo album The Great War.

Good times indeed.