"How much does it cost to have a baby?"
Good Times

Today I ....

...appeared in Callum's class assembly. Callum was meant to be the Rainbow Fish, one of the main roles which he'd performed well in the practice runs. However, on the day he was all tears, even before he came into the hall this morning. My heart went out to him as he entered the hall with tears running down his red face. So when it came to his part in the assembly he ran over to me in the audience. He didn't want to take part, bless him, so I went up with him so that the 'show could go on'. Picture me sat on a large piece of blue fabric with Callum sitting on my lap in front of the parents. Callum had a cardboard Rainbow Fish hanging around his neck and I tried my best to encourage him and keep out of sight at the same time. But he got through it (as did I) and I'm proud of him for that.

(No photos of this, as yet. I was obviously unable to take photos myself, but a couple of the other Mum's said they did, so I might update this with a photo in due course!)

Oh and whilst I'm on the subject of school...yesterday I helped Matthew's year group on a school trip to Marwell Zoo. It was a great trip, although pretty exhausting. We saw a month old Giraffe which was incredibly graceful when it ran. We saw a tiger sleeping just the other side of the window, I could not believe the size of it, it had huge paws and legs and well everything! I couldn't take any photos that day either, we were not allowed to take our cameras, big shame.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Surrey to stay with my friend Sara for a girls weekend with no kids. Four of us are meeting up, we met at Ante-natal classes when we were expecting our first babies, some 7 and a bit years ago. I am so looking forward to a night away, time to catch up, time to chat, time to drink and eat, time to maybe sing karaoke on the Wii. Good times.

Have a great weekend.