I got it!

That job interview I went to on Wednesday was for a part-time Barista at a new Costa Coffee Shop here where I live and I GOT IT! I've already started training, working two full days over the weekend. I never knew how complicated is was to make a perfect cappuccino or mocha! There are so many variations of coffee it's... Read more →

As the boys begin half-term holidays, this is what's happening right now... Watching - I have lots of TV programmes recorded on Sky + to watch, so this coming week I will be catching up on Castle, The Good Wife, TrueBlood, Glee and Relocation, Relocation. Listening - to the boys, why do they have to be sooo loud? Actually right... Read more →

This was the scene on the 2nd of December, how lovely! Of course with the snow came no school, much to the boys delight. Under there is my beetle! The snow has thawed a lot over the weekend, but the snowman is still there, although he no longer has any facial features! I still have no internet at home (very... Read more →

If October was all about knights, then November is all about pirates. For that's Matthew's school topic this half-term, and of course there's always a lego project involved in his topic home learning. This time he wanted to make a pirate story with lego scene pictures and writing. The first week he introduced the ten main characters which included Captain... Read more →

If you are a regular here you'll know that lego is big in this house. What you might not know is that Matthew's Home Learning often features a lego model or two per topic each half-term. This half-term the topic is 'Changing Verwood' - how our town has changed over the years. Now, add a boy with a love of... Read more →